Pass it on Initiative - Charitable Touch Quilts for Dementia & Autism

About Us

Our Creations


We design and create a variety of items that provide a sensory benefit to people with compromised mental functionality.  Currently we are creating Touch Quilt with 36 different fabrics.  We have also had positive feedback on our knitted and crocheted Twiddle Tubes with trinkets sewn inside to keep agitated hands busy.   Our Weighted Quilts are unique and custom made.  And our Fidget Mats are popular in Retirement Homes and Hospice Care.The possibilities are endless - you name it!! 


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Our Mission


To assist each and every person who has significant limitations in cognitive and adaptive functioning and any form of dementia by  providing a stimulating or soothing creation for their own use and pleasure.  

We are a grassroots charitable organization.  We provide items free of charge to individuals and organizations, nursing homes, respite facilities and more.

Our Team


YOU are part of our team and we need your assistance in a couple of areas. 

We need your donation of materials.

We need your assistance in helping us to sort donations of materials, cut fabric, sew quilts, knit muffs and more.

And we need your financial assistance to help us buy the supplies needed to sew,  We are a new charitable organization and not yet a registered charity for tax purposes.

We are partnered with several Quilting Guilds and Quilt Stores to assist in this project.

Types of Material Needed

Types of Materials Needed

Fabric with Texture


Examples:  Corduroy, Felt, Silk, Fleece, Flannel, Wool, Velvet, Velour

Bright Colours

Bright colours preferred.  Even clean used clothing may be used.

Even clean used bright clothing may be used.



All colours of polyester thread.

Textures, Fur, Leather, etc.


If it can be sewn, we can use it.

Decorative accessories


Ribbon, rik rak, velcro, appliques, pockets, lace, trims  - any kind of material that can be used to brighten up a dull fabric.



Bright colours, to knitand crochet muffs,  Chunky wool preferred.

Additional materials we can use

Corduroy, Felt, Silk, Fleece, Flannel, Wool, Velvet, Velour and more.

The Process


If we don't answer your question here, contact us!

How does it begin?

It starts with you and your donation of material.

What do we do?

We sort, grade and cut the fabric into usable squares.  For our lap quilts, we sew 36 - 6" squares into a quilt with a soft comfy backing. Finished size is about 30" x 30".  

How do we distribute the items?

We provide the quilts to the people and organizations on our list on a first come, first served basis.  Contact us to be added to the list.

Who are they for?

Organizations who work with Autism or Dementia.

Professionals who work with Autism or Dementia.

Individuals with Autism or Dementia.

Other Possibilities

We would love to be able to personalize the quilts with the individuals name, a specific size, or incorporate the use of a piece of a favourite sweater, bedspread, blanket, etc.  Contact us to discuss!

More Information

These touch quilts have been called many names: Sensory, Comfort, Fidget, Fiddle, Busy, Tactile, Activity, Texture, Dementia.  No matter their name, their objective is to provide stimulation or soothing through the use of fabric choices, colors, value of colors next to one another and textures.  They are both utilitarian as well as attractive.  

The use of accents or simple accessories can be incorporated for specific users.  Anything you can imagine can be used.  Examples are pockets, laces, trims and more.  The purpose of the accessories is to occupy restless hands and soothe anxious minds.

Contact Us

We would love to hear from you.

If you would like to Pass it On by donating either fabric or monetary donations, your time for cutting or sewing quilts, knitting, or any other form of assistance.

If you are interested in being put on the list for a quilt.

Or for any other reason.


65 Edward Pottage Cres, King, Ontario, Canada

(905) 590-2261